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Episode 26-Medtech Monday

EUA – Emergency Use Authorization 

This episode we are joined by regulatory expert and NEMIC SMARTeam Member, Tom Hutchinson who details what EUAs are, how innovators should utilize them, what happens when EUAs end, and EVERYTHING in between. Get ready for an informative yet interesting episode delivered precisely by seasoned regulator, Tom Hutchinson. Thinking of submitting under the EUA? Listen here first.

Episode 25- Interview with Social Enterprise Greenhouse CEO Kelly Ramirez

Making positive change in Rhode Island

Before the Wexford building and CIC the Social Enterprise Greenhouse (SEG) was helping budding entrepreneurs. SEG  creates positive social and economic impact by providing social entrepreneurs and enterprises with the tools and networks they need to thrive. We also foster an ecosystem of diverse stakeholders who work to enable a more just, equitable and resilient economy. We should be both proud of this organization, it’s 250 volunteers and grateful for their continued efforts here in Rhode Island. 

Episode 24- Medtech Monday - Aligning Development and Funding Strategies

A Conversation with Digital & Device Commercialization Experts

Through our work at NEMIC, we know that developing a new medical technology that meets a clinical need is only half of the feat of bringing a regulated product to market.  
Once the technology is deemed useful and of value to patients and users, entrepreneurs must now develop their business strategies and development plans for a successful pre-seed fundraising round.  Every startups path to market is different.  But, there are certain milestones and ways to show investors that they are not only ready to utilize the funding in the most rational way possible but, make investors comfortable and confident in investing in your company.
On April 2nd, we hosted an online event called, Aligning Development and Funding Strategies for MedTech Startups: A Conversation with Digital & Device Commercialization Experts, in partnership with the Venture Cafe Cambridge.  NEMIC Co-Founder Aidan Petrie moderated the discussion bringing insight from a device expert, Joe Gordon, VP of Innovation at Ximedica and digital therapeutic expert Brian Clancy, Co-Lead & Associate Director, of AppScript by IQVIA.  

 Listen on to hear the audio from this event and tips for aligning development strategies for device and digital therapeutic startups as they develop their business in preparation for pre-seed funding.  

Episode 23- Hope and Main - Food Incubator and startup resource

Where food producers, farmers and fishermen can connect, scale and thrive!

“Make food your business”  thats the motto of Hope and Main. Their  mission is to help local entrepreneurs jump-start early-stage food companies and food related businesses by providing low cost, low risk access to shared-use commercial kitchens and other industry-specific technical resources.  It is a great resource and a very interesting model.  I spoke with Luca Carnevale the Executive Director and I quickly understood what a great resource this is.

Episode 22- Medtech Monday startup story Lura Health

Saliva is the new blood, and Lura Health could be a game changer

On this episode of #MedTechMonday, guest Daniel Weinstein, CEO and Co-Founder of Lura Health, shares the story of how his team of 3 student entrepreneurs are combating one of the world’s leading diseases, tooth decay.  That’s just the beginning, saliva is the new blood and can help detect and monitor a broad range of health issues. 

Episode 21- Planning for COVID-19's Impact on Workplace Culture Part 1

Part 1 – Re-boarding employees will be hard

How can employers begin planning for the re-integration of employees after the quarantine? What can we be doing now? What challenges may occur? How can we best manage one of the most important assets of any business, our people? And what if this happens again? Explore conversations around all these questions with guest, HR, and workplace culture guru, Stephanie Chamberlin, in part 2 of this 2 part episode.

Episode 20- Medtech Monday

Planning for COVID-19’s Impact on Workplace Culture

How can employers begin planning for the re-integration of employees after the quarantine? What can we be doing now? What challenges may occur? How can we best manage one of the most important assets of any business, our people? And what if this happens again? Explore conversations around all these questions with guest, HR, and workplace culture guru, Stephanie Chamberlin, in part 1 of this 2 part episode.

Episode 19- Healthcare, Wellness and Alexa

Alexa is my guest host!   Who Knew!

Ambient computing and Amazons Alexa will redefine interactions in healthcare.  We are at the beginning but the future is bright, but not without hurdles.  Alexa wanted to co-host!  How could I resist?

Episode 18- Medtech Monday

Resources for Medtech entrepreneurs 

This weeks guests, Sean Monaghan, MD and Jonghwan Lee are both researchers out of Lifespan Health System and Brown University. Both men took part in our Planning Pitch Deck + Immersion Program where we worked with them, one-on-one, on the various components of translating research into an eventual business plan, startup, and pitch deck with investors in mind. Listen as both men share advice for translating research into an eventual startup and business plan.

Gabby Stranieri also joins us to discuss what resources, opportunities, and funding Advance-CTR has for RI based investigators.

Episode 17 - Medtech Monday

Ximedica’s  Joe Gordon VP of Innovation, world class product development for healthcare

NEMIC was created because our Founders saw too many medical technologies getting stuck in the “Valley of Death.’ This was due to many different reasons, usually on the business side, that marked the technology currently un-fundable. Ximedica, a Rhode Island based FDA registered product developer, would run into the same complications when potentially partnering with startups and new technologies. Ximedica became one of NEMIC’s Founding Partners to help support those startups they could not partner with by suggesting they come to NEMIC to round out their business plans and get help raising funds. Vice President of Innovation at Ximedica, Joe Gordon, joins us this episode to share Ximedica’s capabilities, how they work with clients and the synergy between Ximedica and NEMIC.

Episode 16- Crisis Response - Fake News

How the “fake news” descriptor affects us all

In a previous podcast, called ITS WHEN NOT IF I spoke about my experience and how I felt the “fake news” issues being described by the political right would affect us in a crisis.   That time has come.. unfortunately.

Episode 15- Episode 15 - Adam Alpert of Pangea

Laying the foundation for the innovation district

For any innovation district to succeed it needs young thoughtful entrepreneurs, Brown graduate Adam Alpert is one.  He is the co-founder of Pangea, based here at the Wexford building.  His goal is to connect college students to small businesses for meaningful work experience.

Episode 14- Medtech Monday

I interview Aiden Petrie the co-founder of NEMIC.

Trying to innovate in the Medtech space is easy. There is so much low hanging fruit in our health care system ripe for innovation. The New England Medical Innovation Center defines itself as a “Venture Studio”, listen to find out why.

Episode 13A- Corona virus and Venture Cafe

Update from Tuni Schartner
Tuni Schartner of Venture Cage in Providence updates on the precautions taken and programming changes. 

Episode 13- Innovation

Building an innovation community in Providence

It takes much more than a building to build an innovation center today. We are well on the way with more work to be done. The community has to grow, evolve and embrace the challenge to thrive. Rebecca Weber of the Cambridge Innovation Center is one of the people tasked with the hard part.

Episode 12- Medtech Monday

Resources for entrepreneurs

Rhode Island and NEMIC offer support, funding and professional services for budding businesses.   Learn how you can leverage these resources to accelerate your venture. 

Episode 11- Design by Rhode Island

RI is home to the third largest design community in the US

Design seems to be embedded in the DNA of Rhode Island.  Lisa Carnivale and Kristine Merz provide an overview of Design by Rhode Island and the Rhode Island design community

Episode 10- Medtech Monday - Startups and consultants

How Startups are Leveraging Independent Consultants

This week we invited Jenna Marchal, an independent consultant, and Dom Messerli, a startup Founder and CEO, for a dynamic conversation. We chat about the advantages and disadvantages of hiring independent consultants, contractors, and employees to work for a Med Tech startup. This episode is a great listen for anyone thinking of breaking into consulting or the next hire for your startup’s team.

Episode 9- Innovation

With Ed Fitzpatrick from the Boston Globe

The Boston Globe has a digital bureau covering Rhode Island. The nodes our increasing in our network and that is a great thing. I sat with Ed Fitzpatrick from the Boston Globe on the past, the present and the future of journalism in the digital age.

Episode 8- Med Tech Monday

Wearables and women in tech with Jeanette Numbers co-founder of Loft Designs

How do we design wearable for women when there is a shortage of women designing them? We sat down with Jeanette Numbers, Co-Founder of Providence-based design firm Loft llc, to talk about wearable trends, CES2020, the need for women in tech, and the industry’s opportunities for adequately designing technology for women.

Episode 7- Innovation

Graphene – A wonder material, the tech behind the hype

A small British company has set up its US footprint at the CIC in Providence, its mission, to commercialize its version of products based on graphene. Graphene is an extraordinary substance one atom thick. It is 30% lighter and 25 % stronger than carbon fiber. CEO Sandy Chen and CTO Dr. Steve Devine sat down with Tom Chiginsky to discuss their product and plans for graphene, and their desire to be based in Providence.

Episode 6- Med Tech Monday

The Known Unknowns

Abigail Kohler and Greg Fine are two undergraduate students at Brown University. They have spent the latter of their studies also working on a building a startup around their assistive CPR technology. Listen and learn about how their technology will help us preform CPR correctly and what it’s like being a student entrepreneur entering the medical industry.

Episode 5 - Innovation

What are people listening to in their cars? Who knows?! 

The average person spends two and a half hours in their car every day.  What are they listening to, radio streaming, or podcasts? From an office on the Island of Jamestown, a global team of experienced media entrepreneurs, a former auto executive, and technologists with four patents under their belt just might have the answer.  Drive Time Metrics CFO Bob Maccini joins me for a very interesting interview.

Episode 4 - Med Tech Monday

Digital Therapeutics with Brian Clancy

Guest Brian Clancy, Co-Lead & Associate Director at AppScript (IQVIA) joins us in a discussion focusing on digital health and therapeutics.  The digital therapeutic world is fairly juvenile, making it hard for early adopters and entrepreneurs to find their payers and markets.  Listen as Brian shares his knowledge and experience and explores topics such as how digital therapeutics are being prescribed, who is adopting them, and who is paying for them.  

Episode 3 - Innovation

Interview with Tuni Schartner

Tuni has been described as “Rhode Islands economic gardener”, she is also a bundle of positive energy.   She is currently the Executive Director of Venture Cafe at the Point225 in Providence.  Her role is to facilitate getting entrepreneur’s and potential entrepreneur’s information and resources to help them build their businesses. 

Episode 2 - Med Tech Monday

Interview with the founders of the New England Medical Innovation Center 

The New England Medical Innovation Center (NEMIC) is New England’s premier med tech venture studio.  NEMIC’s mission is to support innovators and entrepreneurs, bridge the “valley of death”, and expedite the developmental process in order for ideas to realize commercial success and provide value to the patients they serve.  Hear from Founder’s Aidan Petrie and Lydia Shin Schroter as they explain why they set up NEMIC and how they support innovators and entrepreneurs streamline the commercialization process for regulated technologies

Episode 1 - Introduction

This episode will give you an overview of who we are, our content, goals and show format.